Friday, September 24, 2010

Aggregator blog: Energy issues in elections

For Colorado, one of the many topics of debate in the upcoming U.S. Senate elections is renewable energy. Candidates Ken Buck, the GOP candidate, and current state representative Michael Bennet, have different views when it comes to oil production.

According to Buck's campaign website, Buck is strongly opposed to the "cap and trade" bill that currently is in Congress. Buck says, "On this issue there couldn't be a bigger difference between the 'appointed' Senator Michael Bennet and me."

At the first set of debates between Buck and Bennet in Grand Junction, Colo. last week, the discussion about energy independence was heated. According to the National Review Online, at the debate, Buck asked Bennet about his support of cap and trade, and his response was, "I didn't support the cap and trade bill that passed in the House. And I do think it's an unproductive conversation to be fighting about cap and trade or carbon tax." 

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