Friday, September 17, 2010

Democratic Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper is the current mayor of Denver and has been in office since 2003. He is running for governor in the upcoming election. Hickenlooper first ran for public office in 2003 without having every run for a public office before. Hickenlooper was noticed for his “outsiders’ perspective” and his business prowess. Hickenlooper focuses on many issues for Colorado including agriculture, arts and creative enterprises, conservation, economic development, and education.

In 2005, John introduced GreenPrint to Denver. This was a plan to improve Denver's urban environment. Hickenlooper worked to increase efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. He also promoted "green" urban design, and implemented an aggressive waste reduction campaign. The effort has reduced energy use at Denver International Airport by 11 percent per passenger, increased recycling throughout the city by 69 percent.

John is now running for Governor on a "jobs creation and economic development platform." In using his experience as a jobs creator and consensus builder in government, he wants to increase opportunity for the people of Colorado.

Hickenlooper recently appeared at the Colorado Decides 2010 “Gubernatorial General Election Debate.” At this debate Hickenlooper discussed how he plans to create jobs for Colorado and how he believes he can do it better then anyone else. At the debate he said, “I am running for governor because I believe I can turn this state around faster than anyone else.”

Hickenlooper as been the mayor of Denver since 2003 and he is excited to take a bigger step and become the Governor.


This Friday, the 17th, Hickenlooper will be in Loveland, Colorado at the Progressive 15 Debate.

Sunday, September 19th there is a meet and greet in Dove creek for anyone who wants to meet John Hickenlooper.

On Tuesday, September 21st there is a “Frat/Sorority and HS for Hick Night,” which will consist of people dressing up as sorority or fraternity members and making calls for Hickenlooper.

On Thursday, September 23rd there is an 80’s skier night where people can come and enjoy a night of classic 80’s music and share stories.

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