Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aggregator: Marijuana Dispensaries

When many people come to Denver, and more specifically in the downtown and central areas, people tend to notice something that is not often seen in other city's; medical marijuana dispensaries. With so many dispensaries popping up around Denver, one begins to question how easy it really is to obtain. In the well-known newspaper, USA Today, there was an article in 2005 discussing the legalization laws of marijuana in Denver.
In Denver, marijuana has always had a presence but it has gotten a lot of attention in the last four to five years with how lenient the government is becoming with marijuana growers and users in Denver, CO. On September 1, 2010 there was an article written by the associated press which goes even more in depth on the specifics of the new laws. Another great source for finding out about marijuana laws in Denver, can be found on the cannabis culture website which is associated with the Marijuana Magazine. Because of a decision voted on in 2005, known as the I-100 campaign, adults 21 and older are able to possess and ounce or less of marijuana. Many pro-marijuana activists truly believe that marijuana is much safer then drinking alcohol. Marijuana has always been a controversial topic. Marijuana has actually existed for centuries and the concept of marijuana being used for real medical purposes is not new at all. Many people in Colorado obtain "medical marijuana" cards for reasons including headaches, HIV/AIDS, and cancer patients recovering from chemotherapy. To learn more about the history of marijuana use in the U.S. there are many sites to visit on the web. There have also been books written on this very topic.

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