Monday, September 20, 2010

Michael Bennett for U.S. Senate

Democrat Michael Bennett is poised to take on republican Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck in the 2010 Senatorial elections. Before taking over Ken Salazar's position after he was appointed Secretary of the Interior, Bennett was making a name for himself as superintendent of Denver public schools. While working in education, he helped introduce a nationally-recognized payment system known as Procomp that links teacher's wages to student achievement. More of Bennett's accomplishments include helping over 1000 Colorado families navigate the federal government, and obtaining resources for Colorado police officers. Currently Bennett, who serves on four senate committees and six subcommitees, is focused on restoring the economy and finding alternative sources of energy.

Bennett was scheduled to speak opposite Buck at the Action 22 forum on Sat, September 25 at the Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs. However, due to a previous committment his appearance has been canceled. Future events can be found here.

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