Monday, September 20, 2010

Colorado Wildfire Analytical Blog

There hasn't been a Colorado wildfire since 2002, but the September 2010 wildfire brought panic to many Coloradans. With too many people poorly equip residents, this wildfire forced many northern Colorado residents homeless for days and in panic.

The fire lasted over four days, leaving over 170 homes destroyed. The roaring 40 mph winds at the foothills of the Rocky Mountain enabled the wildfire to relocate an estimated 9,000 people. The Colorado wildfire tragedy was a wake up call to many. Today many people have lost sight of the importance of wildfire and the harm they cause. The wildfire added to the 2.6 million acres that have been burned this past summer alone. These fires are certainly not cheap. This past fire cost up to $2.1 million to suppress in the five days it lasted.

These uncontrollable mass tragedies cannot be fully prevented, but there are some methods to reducing risk. These include managing air quality, limiting pollution, maintaining ecological balances and protecting resources.

These methods help for a safer environment in the future for wildfires. Planning is another big issue when talking about wildfires. Knowing both an exit strategy and Red Cross locations are beneficial when dealing with any kind of natural disaster.

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