Friday, September 17, 2010

Colorado ballot initiative – Amendment 60

Amendment 60 would cut local Colorado property taxes in half by 2020. It would also reverse local votes in many parts of the state where citizens have voted to keep property tax levels above the TABOR limit. TABOR is a tax and expenditure regulation that was instituted in 1992. The state would replace the lost revenue from halved property taxes from its General Fund. Also, some state institutions would be required to pay property taxes for the first time if 60 passed, including universities, the Colorado lottery and the Division of Wildlife.

The campaigns for and against this measure seem to be mostly literature-based. People who are interested in either side can contact one of the advocacy organizations to get pamphlets, yard signs, etc. The main organization fighting against 60 is One of the prominent forces on the other side is As far as I could tell these groups aren’t organizing events as of now.

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