Sunday, September 19, 2010

The American Constitution Party

While you've probably heard of Tom Tancredo, you probably haven't heard of his new party, the American Constitution Party. Founded in 1992, but not recognized on ballots until 1995, the ACP claims to be focused on "returning government back to the U.S. Constitution's provisions and limitations." However, its mission statement (provided on the home page of their website, says "our republic is a nation governed by a constitution rooted in Biblical law," causing one to come to the conclusion that they are not only confused as to how the Constitution came about (separation of Church and State, anyone?) but that they are more for the Christianization of America than they are for returning it to it's revolutionary roots.

While the ACP has taken on the issues of lower property taxes, lower state debt, and more government accountability, its biggest issue is taken on Colorado amendment 62, a ballot initiative to define personhood as starting at the minute of conception, an obviously Christian issue.

The most interesting thing about the ACP is that all of its candidates are running for office in Colorado. While claiming to be a nationally recognized party, they are only active in Colorado. It will be interesting to see how its candidates fair, as it will seemingly determine the future of the party.

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