Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amendment 62- A Vote for Life

This November, Colorado has another controversial ballot in the booths for voters, anti-abortion amendment 62. Two committees are fighting for the successful passing of the amendment into the constitution, Personhood and Right to Life.

The goal of Personhood is to end abortion by “protecting all innocent human life from the beginning of biological development.” Defining its name as the status of a human through their individual rights, according to Personhood’s website, If the ballot initiative passes, the amendment will provide a law in Colorado’s constitution that will not allow a woman to terminate her pregnancy through the long time controversial procedure of abortion. Though commonly thought to end any procedures regarding removing a fetus from a mother regardless of health concerns, Amendment 62 will end intentional abortion but, will not bar any procedures that would be needed if the health of the mother is compromised. The website also goes into detail on the truths and the myths. Earlier this year, Personhood Nevada, Alaska and Missouri were all unsuccessful from being placed on the ballots in their respective states, which means that Personhood Colorado is the only committee to have been approved to collect signatures and hold events on behalf of an anti-abortion amendment. A number of churches are already involved with the campaign through Personhood and are giving their own lectures to congregations for Amendment 62. Through Personhood’s website, sponsor Gualberto Garcia-Jones said
“Amendment 62 will protect every person, regardless of their circumstances, by love and by law. To be a person is to be protected by a series of God-given and constitutionally protected rights”. But, Personhood is not the only committee fighting for the rights of a developing fetus.

Right to Life is another issue committee that is also doing its part in the fight to push amendment 62 through Colorado courts. Basing most of its beliefs on a more religious approach, Right to Life wants to pass the amendment because they believe that the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” can be translated to anything, including the intentional killing of a fetus. Both committees hope that if Amendment 62 does pass, it will spread a new message in the “Pro-Life” movement, and will aid in the passage of anti-abortion amendments in additional states within the next few years.

With the polls opening up this November, both Right to Life and Personhood are hosting a tour in the state of Colorado featuring Reverend Walter Hoye and Bishop Porter. The tour, which already began on July 16th, will place focus on many of the African-American churches located in the state of Colorado and preach on the problems associated with abortion and being a part of a Christian or Catholic congregation. The main lecture, titled “Why I Can’t Wait” will try to speak directly to African American audiences on protecting the lives of black children by eliminating the notion of abortion in the mindset of young African Americans.

The next event will be held on Friday, September 17th at the Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church at 7pm.

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