Friday, October 8, 2010

Analytical Blog (Revision)

All of these images are from flickr users who uploaded images of protest they'd seen first hand. In the case of the Jamaica PSA, it is not a photograph but an image created after the artist witnessed police brutality in Jamaica. I found these images interesting because each person encountered protest in a different way, but all were non violent. The first image is from this summer's G20 summit in Toronto and shows protestors dressed as clowns peacefully taunting the police behind them. The second image is a rallying cry for action against government cruelty in Jamaica, which has the highest number of police shootings per capita in the world. The third image is that of a man in Trufalgar square in London telling his story of how he was allegedly attacked by police.

It is amazing that we now have a site such as flickr that allow people all over the world to come together and share similar life experiences and show that there is a change going on in the world. Although it is seemingly becoming more violent, all of these pictures can show that peaceful protests due exist and can make a big change. While the world is a large and diverse place, it is becoming smaller due to sites like flickr that can bring people together with a common purpose.

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