Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview with Nate Chisholm

Animal Cruelty:

Nate Chisholm is a student at the University of Denver who is against many things—including animal cruelty. It may be because his mother is a veterinarian; however, it is astonishing to believe he does not encourage some ways of animal training, in which his mother participates in.

“Well, my mother is a veterinarian, my sister is in vet-school, and my family owns 7 dogs, 3 cats and some sheep can chicken, so of course I’m against animal cruelty,” said Chisholm.

Chisholm said that he is morally against all types of animal cruelty. Though he has not divulged too much thought in all the various types of animal cruelty, he does feel that dog fighting is especially wrong.

“Dog fighting bothers me because innocent animals are dying for the purpose of entertainment,” said Chisholm.

He also began to elaborate on how he felt that certain types of animal training techniques were wrong. Earlier, Chisholm said that he had 7 dogs and he explained that his mother trains the dogs and they are sometimes put in dog shows. He suggested that some of the training is just too much for the dogs.

Though Chisholm does not know the extensive background of all animal cruelty punishments to judge accordingly, he believes that animal cruelty “should not be taken lightly.” He began explaining how he feels that everyone will not always be compassionate towards the abuse of animals because for most people who participate in the act, they are doing it for business. Chisholm explained that all the poaching and dog fights are all caused based on revenue and the only thing people can do to hinder animal cruelty is be aware that it is happening.

Due to the fact that Chisholm’s mother is a veterinarian, he occasionally helps clean out some of the kennels at his mother’s clinic. Even though it may not seem much, it is still a step towards giving one more animal a clean and healthy environment.

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