Sunday, October 10, 2010

Event Blog-Denver's Little Fashion Secret

On Friday, October 10th, hidden away from the loud, bustling streets of downtown, Fashion Denver opened their showroom doors for another eventful day of unique fashion ideas, veteran designers and a bustling fan base. Founded by entrepreneur Brandi Shigley, Fashion Denver was created as a way for local designers to showcase their lines, network with other enthusiasts and build relationships that would help further their careers. According to Shigley, her love for fashion began in the second grade. “I was making paper purses during class. In fifth grade, I was sketching swim suits and prom dresses. Then, when I was 23, I started my own handbag business [called] B. Shigley Designs! That’s when paper became fabric and I was thrown into the fashion world.” Since the success of her handbag business, she has focused her energy on Fashion Denver, which hosts a number of events throughout the year such as fashion shows, boutique openings, workshops and fashion markets as a way to “paint” a path for designers to follow towards mainstream recognition. Local Fashion Designers such as Rae Marie, House of Arden, Francis Roces, Natalee Moldenhaur and Joyas Jewels frequent the showroom with their new spring, fall and winter lines because of the networking opportunities it allows both on an industry and consumer level.

Walking into the showroom, I noticed that the walls were splattered with various local designers and recognition from frequent shoppers and fans of Fashion Denver. The showroom gave off a feeling of home, with eclectic love seats and coffee tables placed throughout its wood paneled walls. Every corner seemed to not only advertise the new fall lines of local designers, but, also allowed budding experts to acquire inspiration from veterans of Denver’s fashion district. While perusing through the current lines on display, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandi Shigley and her intern Courtney Malcolm on their thoughts on political aspects of fashion. “I think that [Michelle] Obama represents the industry as a fashion icon. She’s impacted an entire group of fashion, more on a business level than anything else” said Shigley and Malcolm.

Aside from Fashion Denver, Shigley also heads her own band, designs handbags and is currently starting a new workshop entitled “Do What You Love, Love What You Do”. According to its official website, the workshop is designed to “help emerging designers and creative businesses take their passion and turn it into a business.” Shigley and her team are also working on new ways to continue bringing Denver’s underground fashion scene into mainstream.
Be sure to visit the showroom Monday-Friday, to see the new designers, get involved in Denver’s fashion scene and save the date for the Fashion Markets, hosted throughout the year by B. Shigley and the rest of the Fashion Denver crew!!


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