Monday, October 11, 2010

Pamela Geller- The racist-Islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot

Pamela Geller is making headlines as a blogger on what some are referring to as a “hate mission”. Through her blog “Atlas Shrugs”, Geller, 52, spreads her anti-Islamic opinions and views on eradicating the Muslim religion from America. She has gained a significant following; gaining over a million hits to her blog within a month and some are claiming that she is doing nothing but adding fuel to the monster of religious intolerance. Geller has been blogging adamantly about her opposition to the Islamic faith since 2005 and critics have stated that her website is only spreading the fear and intolerance of the Islamic religion as well as a dehumanization of those practicing the faith. However, Geller sees her blogging on a different scale. Geller attributed her ideas to her early years which were imbued with a sense of American power and rectitude, so pervasive that it need not be articulated. After immersing herself into the world of Islam, Jihad, foreign affairs and geopolitics, Geller now claims that she is educated enough to spread the “truth”. Recently, Geller has been fighting a new project, Park51.

After hearing that the Muslim community was attempting to build their own mosque next to the site of ground zero, Geller expressed her immediate disgust in an interview by denouncing the move as “the ground zero mega-mosque” and soon after, posted a blog inviting readers to protest what she termed as the “9/11 monster mosque being built on hallowed ground zero.” When asked about her opinion on Park51, the plans for constructing an Islamic community center near ground zero, Geller adamantly objected to the idea saying “I don’t know which is more grotesque, jihad or the NY Times preening of it”. Even with her objections to Park51 and other issues concerning the Islamic traditions.
Even though Park51 was met with immense approval, Geller is still referring to the project as a “monster mosque” and reiterating her rhetoric by referring to the mosque as “sort of like a victory lap” that was “a stab in the eye of America.” Her outrage was apparent and regardless of Geller’s retaliation towards the committee by posting their contact information and leading rallies that protested against the passing of the plans, she still claimed that it was an insult to the American people for anyone to suggest that herself as well as her allies had laid the groundwork for the anger over the project. However, for the apparent intolerance to the Islamic faith expressed vehemently throughout Atlas Shrugs, however indirectly her anger may have been expressed; it still may have provided the frame for the retaliation. “This is Islamic domination and expansionism” announced Ms. Geller. Her idea for an appropriate center would be one that is only devoted to “incitement to violence” followed by the expunging of the Koran.

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