Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Event #2: Denver to be re-evaluated for NCAA certification

DU athletics is undergoing a periodic evaluation of its programs by the NCAA, whose representatives visited campus earlier this month to interview administrators, coaches, and student athletes.

As part of the NCAA evaluation process, the Division of Athletics and Recreation assumed a self-evaluation of its 17 varsity sports that was completed May 5, 2000. The NCAA evaluators will analyze this evaluation in the coming weeks and DU should be informed as to its status as a Division I NCAA school by spring of 2011, according to Denver associate athletic director for compliance and student-athlete support services, Cynthia Rail.

The evaluation, which occurs every 10 years, is a complete look at the school’s compliance with NCAA rules and regulations, as well as the welfare of student athletes, and academic integrity.

The process involves a committee selected by Chancellor Robert E. Coombe, to perform a self-study of the university’s athletic department. The committee consists of personnel from every area, including compliance, student support services, budget and finance, and development.

Denver athletic advisor and committee member, Cindi Nagai, said, “This process is an in-depth look into our athletic program. It helps us take a look at what we are doing here and ensures that we are maintaining high levels of honesty and integrity.”

According to Nagai, the committee has been preparing for this evaluation for the last 12-14 months by compiling documents required for the study. Included in those documents are reports that show the school’s governance and commitment to NCAA rules. Following the self-evaluation, the NCAA assembles a peer review team to evaluate all of the aforementioned documents. This team is made up of athletic directors and compliance officers from other NCAA institutions, which arrived on campus Sunday, Oct. 21, for a 3-day comprehensive assessment.

During the review, different student athletes and coaches were interviewed on their experiences here atthe university.

Andrew Lay, senior men’s lacrosse captain, met with the NCAA evaluators on Monday Oct. 4, and said, “They basically wanted to know how I liked the school, and my thoughts on the athletic department.

Nagai said, “We have prepared for over a year for this evaluation.We have incredible athletes, coaches, and staff here at Denver and this evaluation should resemble that.”

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