Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview 2: DJ Blitz "Money Aint No Thang"

This past Saturday night students gathered at different locations around campus, including the infamous bar fondly known amongst students as the Border. While standing outside as many students guzzled down the last drink of the night, a tall man with dreds and a black hat stepped out for a cigarette. His hat embroidered with the name DJ Blitz.

My friend suggested that we talk to him since no one else was outside, and I was soon surprised to find that DJ Blitz was exactly who I needed to be talking to. We walked over to a bench, sat down, and began a long conversation about music. We covered what it is like to be a local artist, how money plays into the scene, and how to work your way up.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Michael Wright, also known as DJ Blitz, started deejaying 20 years ago in central Georgia. He has traveled around the world with music and settled in Denver five years ago. Blitz is more focused on the music than the money but he doesn't deny that money is part of the game.

"If someone likes what I do, that is how I get paid for production...I believe there are two different types of DJ's, there are DJ's who want the attention, who want the money, and they don't last...If I play good music, people are going to like what I am doing, not because of who I am, but because of what I produce."

Blitz went on to explain his ideal job of deejaying which we include being behind a black curtain, where all that mattered was the music.

Blitz went on to say, " I respond to what the crowd wants. If I am not playing what the crowd wants to hear then I don't feel like I am doing my job right. But my creative talent plays into what the crowd wants because I mix music based off the energy they are feeding to me."

Blitz went on to explain how music should be about passion and fun. Music allows people to be released from their daily duties and just get into a groove. Blitz believes that a DJ's ultimate job is to expose people to something they haven't heard.

DJ Blitz also believes that the DJ's job is to get people up and dancing, and it shouldn't matter who they are. "Outside of the club, or of whatever job I'm doing, people should just know that Blitz is going to play what they want to hear, and that's it."

Blitz wanted to emphasize that he has met a lot of DJ's who have lost their way because of popularity and money, but the best DJ's have always known that it is about the music and about passion.

Talking to DJ Blitz made it obvious that the world of music will always be filled with both passionate artists, and artists just looking to make some money, but by talking to local artists it seems that it is pretty easy to spot who is serious and who is not.

(DJ Blitz does not have a website at this time)

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