Monday, October 11, 2010

SAAC Interview

The Student Athletic Advisor Committee representatives came together Monday, for their first meeting, and spoke of goals to help promote school spirit and unity among the DU community through school sponsored functions and increased attendance at athletic events.

SAAC is comprised of roughly 40 student athletes and athletic administrators that act as the liaison between DU student athletes and the Denver administration. Two student athletes are chosen from each varsity sport to represent their team and discuss both athletic and school related issues.

SAAC president, Dani Espinosa, spoke very highly of her committee as well as the ideals that SAAC stands for. “This years SAAC team is a group of dedicated individuals that could really bring a lot of positive spirit and new traditions to both the athletic and DU communities,” stated Espinosa. “Last year was definitely a step in the right direction in terms of what we thought it was we could accomplish, and this year I think we can really go out at meet those goals,” said Espinosa.

Espinosa has set her own objectives for this year’s committee. The first of these goals is to continue to promote school spirit and unity by taking part in such events as the first annual freshmen pep-rally, as well as the student athlete barbeque. Furthermore, SAAC plans to bring a new tradition to the athletic community, by hosting a student athlete formal this coming spring.

But why is there so much emphasis on uniting the DU community and the Division 1 players? "Believe it or not the Denver athletes are 'sick' of the stereotypes that come with being an athlete and competing at higher levels," says Espinosa, "SAAC is trying to go above and beyond to unite the students and student-athletes as a whole, doing whatever it takes, to make the process a smooth one."

The process Espinosa is talking about is a four year long one. One that involves both time and effort from student-athletes. What most don't realize is that time and effort is something that doesn't come easy when competing six out of the seven days of the week, plus four-hour study-halls, practice, conditioning and lifting.

“We think that student athletes
at DU should not only get involved around campus, but should also do their part to help throughout the Denver community. With different functions that we are preparing, we are only one step closer to our goal of unity.”

Women’s soccer rep, Karin Hart advocated the importance of SAAC by saying, “SAAC encourages us as student-athletes to go out and make a difference or a change, and we are doing just that. We want to negate any stereotypes we have and have others acknowledge our hard work and time commitment."

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