Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interview: Seven Hills Vet

In Aurora, Colorado a ban is placed on Pit Bulls. Visiting Seven Hills Veterinary Clinic relays the fact that although veterinarians are required to follow certain regulations pertaining to laws such as this, it does not mean they have to agree with them. Veterinarian, Dr. Francis and Kennel Manager, Barbara Duggan, help illustrate this point.

In regards to animal rights, Dr. Francis feels that, “animals have the rights for husbandry, food, shelter, free of pain and discomfort, and to be treated humanely.”

Some of the issues that Dr. Francis feels strongly about pertaining to animal rights is animal cruelty. She feels strongly against all types of cruelty including fur trade or dog fighting; however, she specifically feels strongest against ear cropping. Some owners feel it is necessary to crop the ears of their dog because of appearance purposes.

Next, the main issue addressed was the ban placed on Pit Bulls. In the state of Colorado, in Denver, Aurora, and other metropolitan areas, it is illegal to own a Pit Bull. This has been a huge controversy because many people feel that it is not right to single out a particular breed. Dr. Francis is one of those people. She feels that it is not right to generalize a particular breed on their behavior because dogs differ from one another.

Kennel Manager, Barbara Duggan says that, “The ban is simply unfair because it is not right to generalize one breed. The breeding and owners make a dog what it is. Any breed has the potential aggression that are stereotyped towards Pit Bulls.”

In fact, Duggan stated that most of the dogs that are injured and brought to the clinic due to dog fights are not Pit Bulls.

“Animal advocacy is the best possible solution for animal cruelty. Since animals cannot speak, it is up to people to be their voice,” says Dr. Francis.

If a veterinarian encounters intentional animal cruelty within their profession, they are required by law to report it to the authorities. If they choose not to, they can be help liable for the animal cruelty case. However, there are times where the veterinarian will encounter certain cases of animal cruelty that are unintentional. Dr. Francis said that in this situation, her goal is to educate the owners on the proper welfare of the animal.

Duggan said that when she encounters intentional animal cruelty she confronts the owners and reports the authorities as well. She also feels that educating the owners when unintentional cruelty exists is the best possible solution.

There are animal rights advocates everywhere. Obviously, upon visiting a veterinarian clinic, the environment will be filled with strong opinions dealing with controversial animal rights topics, like the Pit Pull ban and animal cruelty. However, each person differs on his or her opinions. There are those who are not effected by the ban and feel neither one way nor another. There are people who have been effected by the ban and feel that either it should be enforced or it is completely unfair. Seven Hills Veterinarian Clinic is in Aurora (one of the cities with the ban enforced) and surprisingly there are a fair amount of people who feel that it is a unnecessary ban.

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