Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Beat- Denver Governor's Race

This quarter my beat will be covering Colorado politics, but most specifically the race for governor. Politics are increasingly important in our country, especially as the faces of each party continue to change and morph have they have been. The Colorado governor's race is unique in that is has three candidates, one from a party that is only active in Colorado. Covering it offers a unique opportunity to learn about different ideologies within America.

For this beat I will be covering campaign events, debates, and just general updates on each candidate. I will also be covering the issues the candidates are backing, as well as the propositions that will be voted on in November. Occasionally I will write about information on The American Constitution Party, as they are only active in Colorado and have candidates in many different races in the state.

To gather information for my beat I will be following all of the candidates on twitter, as well as the different parties and local publications like the Denver Post and Colorado Independent. I will also be attending talks hosted by the candidates as well as fundraising events and speeches.

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