Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Beat: Music in Denver

For my blog this quarter I will be focusing on how musicians in Denver make music their career today. Music is a difficult career to be able to make a living from but I am searching to find how passionate musicians make their dreams a reality. In essence I will be writing a "How To Become a 'Rockstar,' in Denver", or at least how to make money with your talent.
I will be exploring different questions including: Who matters in the music industry in Denver? Who are musicians in Denver striving to get attention from? Where are good places for new bands to perform to work their way up? How do they get paid for doing what they love the most, performing music? To get answers to my questions I am going to go about this by taking it one level at a time. My goal is to meet aspiring musicians, part-time musicians, and successful musician in Denver, or musicians that have been able to make a living off their music. I plan on researching local magazines and looking at what artists are promoted in Denver. More specifically I will be focusing on spots in downtown Denver, and in the Capital Hill area. These two parts of Denver are very populated and tend to be where a lot of action takes place.
To make my blog as informative and interesting as possible I am also going to look through music blogs that are popular amongst musicians in Denver. I also hope to go to as many shows as I can where I get a chance to interact with the artists' themselves and ask them how they got to where they are in their career. I plan on making this blog very honest so people can read my blog and feel like they are on my journey with me. I plan on meeting a lot of different people and stepping out of out my comfort zone. Though I enjoy music and admire musicians a lot, I have never taken my curiosity to the next level. I have never tried to answer the questions listed above, so I hope to achieve my goal in answering at least a few of them.
Sources that I plan on using include the popular Denver magazine, Westword, the music blog from the Denver Post titled Reverb, Westword's blog Backbeat, and a popular blog by A and E writer John Wenzel titled Get Real Denver. I plan on finding more blogs and sources as I get deeper into my search. Ultimately I am hoping to map out a guide of how musicians in Denver climb their way up to making music their career. I am expecting that this will be a challenging, fun, and awesome experience and I hope to come out of it with a much deeper understanding of music, and how it becomes a career.

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