Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Beat- Fashion & Obama

This quarter, my blog will be focusing on one of the most influential industries in the world, the fashion industry. Fashion is constantly evolving, with new designers popping up almost daily with what they deem to be the new “it” item. Furthermore, this industry is always impacted by some of the most unorthodox people. Therefore, my blog will not only be focusing on new trends on a local and national level but, will also be placing focus on one of the women that seems to be impacting the fashion industry more than others, first lady Michelle Obama.

It seems that whatever Mrs. Obama may wear, directly impacts what women today are deeming the most popular. It also seems that since Michelle Obama has been in office, black women have started to appear in the fashion industry significantly more in recent years. Could her reign actually be helping black women further their careers in the fashion industry? With my blog, I want to explore how the industry is changing, and see if what Michelle Obama struts actually impacts what everyone else wears or if her fashion sense doesn’t make as much of an impact in the fashion industry as speculated.

Throughout my blog, I will not only be focusing on local fashion trends, but I will be exploring different views on whether Michelle Obama’s fashion sense is actually helping to change the fashion industry for the better. I also will be striving to find out what’s new on a more local level in fashion. In addition, I want to give an informative viewpoint on what it takes to actually become a fashion designer in Denver. I will be researching local blogs as well as local fashion magazines in an attempt to assess whether Obama is changing the industry and what fashion designers are actually making it in Denver. I will be seeking out fashion designers in Denver, as well as interviewing those who pay attention to the fashion industry as a whole, and report on what they think about Michelle Obama’s style impact both on a local and national level.

I want my blog to be honest, informative and entertaining and I feel this goal can be achieved by looking at different blogs and news columns focusing on fashion and check out new designers. I also want to meet plenty of local designers, and start getting their opinions on changing trends, Obama’s style impact and the fashion industry as a whole. I want to delve deeper than the surface, asking questions that can give the reader both a look into the new trends that are appearing, how the industry is changing, and where we see the industry going in the future.

As for sources, I plan on reading popular Denver magazines, such as Westword, Denver Magazine and 5280 and checking out their fashion sections. I also plan on reading blogs, such as and I will also be reading national periodicals such as the New York Times and Essence and Women’s Wear Daily for up to date news on the fashion industry. Lastly, I will be paying extra attention to Fashion Denver, the source for everything fashion in Denver in order to keep up with fashion designers and upcoming events.

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