Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why do artists dwell on flowers in their artistic endeavours, sunflowers in particular? As exemplified by the renound Van Gogh piece, sunflowers, almost more than any other flower have become a firm establishment at the tip of the painter's brush. The real question is why? While the stunning yellow and ominous black center of the sunflower suggest a cheery, optimistic sentiment, it is perhaps more compelling to notice the power of the wilting sunflower: art dipicting the slow fade of nature so glorious and stunning at first, only to wither and bend acording to baring and exposure. No matter the significance of the flower, it is undoubtable that an artist's canvas beckons the petals of a sunflower to grace its's taught facade, whether in unyielding abundance of yellow, or in a dilapitating decay of it's former glory.

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