Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Beat:: Animal Rights

Animal rights is an important aspect of our society. Many people are passionate about animals and since they do not have a voice, people are the voice of the animals. In Colorado, one topic that has been very controversial is the ownership of Pit Bulls. Other states do not think twice about owning a Pit Bull, but it Colorado it can be illegal. To gain a better understanding of this topic, speaking with law enforcement, veterinary clinics, and humane societies would be ideal. This story would demonstrate why owning a Pit Bull is wrong in Colorado, the statistics, and how long this law has been enforced.

Next, another animal rights topic that can be addressed is the ownership a dog for patients who are experiencing PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). Dogs are very good about providing therapy to patients, but there is not always enough money for these dogs to be provided for health care reasons. It would be interesting to look into the financial breakdown of this system and how exactly these dogs help relieve stress for their patients.

When people think of animal cruelty, they do not usually associate food production with the subject. Therefore, I may also look into the possibility of farm animals and how they are raised for food production. This story will look into how the animals are treated, what they are fed, their living environments, and which areas have the best and worst reputations in Colorado for these aspects.

Last, an interesting and controversial topic is the idea of the fur trade. Aspen, Colorado would be an ideal location to look into fur production. The animal rights group PETA is probably involved in these areas during the wintertime. I would like to look into how much fur is distributed in Colorado compared to other states and where in Colorado is it sold. I will also go into specifics about how fur coats are made and what types of animals are used for the production.

It is going to take some research on sources and information to gain the above knowledge of these topics. Starting with simply sources like veterinary clinics and human societies will lead me to my bigger sources, where hopefully I can gain a full understanding on different areas of animal rights. My goal is to effectively give people an overall idea on these topics, so they may be able to get involved and distribute their own voices.

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