Monday, October 11, 2010

The General in the War against Islam

Moderate Muslims do not exist through the eyes of Pamela Geller. Islam is evil on its face and its practitioners are enemies of freedom. Geller has no reservations in saying as much and if she has her way (boy, does she have a way), more Americans will be seeing through her anti-Islamic eyes, too.

Geller’s campaign against Islam takes multiple forms. Her fiery blog, Atlas Shrugs, attracts thousands of readers with her affinity for “little darlings” of anti-Islam-inspiring catch phrases. It sparked much of the controversy, and much of the conservative vernacular, surrounding the Park51 project in Manhattan. That the official name might not ring an immediate bell is all thanks to Geller. You might have heard the planned community center and prayer space referred to as the “ground zero mega mosque,” the “monster mosque,” the Islamic “victory lap.”

“I have an interesting play on words sometimes,” she said. “If people like it, I think that’s great.”

Where there is a media-endorsed debate surrounding Islamic freedom or proliferation, Geller is there is present her claims that there should not be such a thing. Sean Hannity booked her on his radio show; Mike Huckabee featured her as a guest on his television program. On distain for Islam, Geller is the expert.

The 52-year-old New Yorker has studied the religion she hates. Following 9/11, she devoted her time to learning all she could about the entity she claims “attacked her country.” She knows the customs and has read the theology, shrugging off those like Daniel Pipes, who would argue for the presence of a peaceful Islam.

“In the war between the savage and the civilized man,” Geller said, “you side with the civilized man.”

That war brought Geller to the 2007 “counter-jihad” conference in Brussels where she teamed up with Robert Spencer of and several European anti-Islamic organizations to stop the spread of Islam overseas and in America. And the coalition has seen concrete victories. Geller and her companions effectively forced the resignation of a Muslim school principal, Debbie Almontaser, who started an Arabic-language school in Brooklyn. They have stopped several mosques from being built on both sides of the Atlantic.

Aside from actively combating the construction of Park51, Geller’s current task is debunking the president. In her recently published book, “The Post-American Presidency,” Geller argues that Barack Obama is “not only presiding over but actively promoting the decline of America.”

If you’re looking for the leader of the war against Islam, you won’t find her issuing orders from the sidelines. Pamela Geller is in the trenches of battle, fighting against Muslim tolerance on the national and global scale.

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